Salvatore Parasuco left his native Italy at a very young age to settle in Montreal. In the early 1960s, he dabbled with his first denims using his parents’ washing machine.

Waging on the popularity of the washed style, he developed an innovative method that ensured that each pair of jeans would be infused with the perfect, rich indigo dye.

After converting his parents’ clothesline into a homespun denim dryer, the designer then transformed his high-school locker into a makeshift boutique and sold his first creations to his classmates. At the age of 19, proud of his momentum and enterprise, he opened his first store, Pour les Deux, where he honed and polished his bold styles and avant-garde techniques.

In 1975, Salvatore Parasuco created his own label, Santana Jeans, which in turn gave birth to a whole array of denim trends: acid-washed, sandblasted, black over-dyed and stretch denim. Parasuco became a leading figure in the industry renown for his innovative designs, modern fabrics, advanced technologies and his ever growing interest in global and domestic trade.

In 1998, Santana Jeans was rebranded as Parasuco Jeans, and proceeded to expand internationally. Ever-aware of the importance of a strong brand image, Parasuco trademarked his back-pocket stitch, and developed a new logo for the brand: the chimera. This mythical fire-breathing creature is depicted with a the body of a lion, the head of a goat arising from its back, and a tail that ends with a snake’s head. A chimera represents the imaginary and the fantastic, as well as being a great symbol of pride in Tuscany, where an Etrsucan bronze statue of the mythical creature was found in 1553.

Driven by the insatiable demand for authentic, traditionally crafted jeans, Parasuco pursued a wider audience with new retail initiatives. His web presence reinforced his progressive infrastructure as well as allowing the brand to widely connect with its customers wherever they may be.

Today, Salvatore Parasuco remains the driving force behind his eponymous label. He scours the globe in search of refined finishes and innovative washing techniques, fuelled by an ever-present passion and devotion to the art of denim. His collections and flawless designs continue to be at the forefront of the world of denim.